Why Infrared Heating?


Thermoception (or thermoreception) is the sense by which an organism perceives temperatures.

Infrared heat transfer is the natural feeling of warmth, the very way ‘mother nature’ designed it.

Why Infrared?

  • Instant warmth – just like switching on the sun
  • Comfort – like basking in the warm sun when in the fresh air of mountains, rather than stuffy, damp air inside
  • Easier, faster and cheaper to install than gas central heating – powered by electricity so not costly plumbing and pipework
  • More efficient – infrared heats objects not air – eliminating convection losses
  • Reduced power consumption – it takes less to heat the fabric of your home – and ourselves than it does to heat a body of air by convection
  • Beneficial to health – more natural, deeper feel of warmth right through your body – just like the sun but without it’s harmful UV light!
  • Ergonomic – mounted higher on walls or on ceilings for optimum coverage – IR panels don’t take away use of a wall like traditional radiators do
  • Design Aesthetics – IR panels can be white, black, mirrored, photographic, artistic, framed or unframed, as functional and decorative furniture in it’s own right
  • Complete solutions – infrared technology not only comes in panels, but boilers and underfloor heating too.  App controlled thermostats ensure homes and building are perfectly heated – when and how it’s needed



Thermoception Infrared Heating Specialists Logo

Thermoception Ltd are Infrared Heating Technology Specialists for commercial and domestic developments.

The Thermoception team have over 50 years combined experience in the construction industry and design innovation.

Thermoception Ltd has evolved out of the pressing need for the industry to embrace proven emerging technology in energy efficiency and sustainability,  and help meet the demand for new homes and commercial buildings whilst keeping stress on the current infrastructure to a minimum.

We have nurtured relationships with major leading infrared and energy efficient technology manufacturers globally, and train and hire local contractors in order to provide turnkey next-generation solutions for commercial and domestic property developers and owners across the UK.



We are under development ourselves, meantime contact us on info@thermoception.com for more information and to arrange a consultation on how infrared heating technology could be the best solution for your development.

You can find in depth information on the benefits of IR technology over on one of our global partner websites : https://www.herschel-infrared.co.uk



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